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Welcome to Cotone, an Online Boutique + Beauty Bar

From the trendiest styles to classic staples every woman needs in her closet, Cotone (“Cotton” in Italian) is the ultimate online boutique for all your clothing and luxurious beauty needs! We help you avoid the hassles of fast fashion by offering high quality, unique pieces you'll be inspired to wear with confidence. Plus, we have a full range of cruelty free cosmetics by Jentri Quinn to enhance any look! We help filter out the hype by offering easy-to-understand beauty solutions that lead to more meaningful results.

Our Customers Love Us

I am hands down a customer for life!! Cotone has an outfit for every occasion. You can tell they put a huge amount of time and effort in selecting their products! Overall a great place to invest in quality, trendy clothes!!
~ Joeli B.

I wanted to do something different and surprise my wife with some very nice clothes, but being the manly man that I am, I had no idea what women wear or what they really like. They helped me, a complete bonehead, pick out the perfect gift for my beautiful wife. Thank you for caring Cotone!
~ Jared

Cotone has character, heart, and soul! I always find a special treasure each time I visit.
~ Stacey O.

I LOVE this place! Their clothes are so cute and their beauty products are top-of-the-line. Definitely check this store out - they'll even teach you how to do makeup so it's good for YOU!
~ Allison W.

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