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How to Dress for the Winter in a Hot Climate

How to Dress for the Winter in a Hot Climate

Posted by MLP on 4th Feb 2020

Hey all!

Do you live in a warm climate but find yourself envying those cute fall and winter looks, how do you dress? Do you suffer the pain of being hot all day or do you give up on those outfits? We say why not not compromise! Wear warmer colors or lighter patterns with breathable bottoms and open toed shoes. See below what outfits we've chose during our Texas Winter!

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If you seem to find yourself yearning for a heavier sweater, try wearing it with a jeans with holes or a short skirt! The skirt will help you to feel cool and comfortable in the heat while the sweater brings back all of the winter vibes.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

Cotone Team


Photos by Megan Leblanc Pho

Models: Andi, Jin, Brittany, Vanessa, Anna