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About Us


Alex and Jentri share a passion for creative self expression. Alex, a native of Milan, Italy, loves eating and cooking, as you may imagine. He honed his skills finding each season's trendiest styles by both managing and helping open the first two Brandy Melville stores in California and two retail stores of his own in Dallas and Austin, Texas. By retailing the most current styles, Alex seeks to enable his customers to express themselves fully. 

Jentri, a Texas native, writes screenplays, directs indie movies, and rocks makeup and skincare. As a storyteller, Jentri returns again and again to themes of self-realization and authenticity. The same goes for makeup and skincare: she loves helping women realize their own beauty, using thoughtfully crafted products that last.

At Cotone, Alex and Jentri share with you their beauty emporium catering to fashion forward addicts and makeup enthusiasts. Enjoy your new online destination for integrated beauty, where you can get your fresh, sexy style on.